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Smile makeovers are different for different people, but the one thing they should all have in common is bringing a smile to your face. Dr. Samani explains how Ridgewood Dental Associates makes smile makeovers a happy reality by carefully matching patients' goals to dental solutions. We've set a new standard for aesthetic dentistry by combining advanced dental skills with compassionate listening, which ensures we understand patients' wishes.

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I consider a smile makeover anything that happens to make you happy with your smile that you get corrected. Whether it be a simple couple fillings, whether it be a veneer or two, whether it be a full mouth reconstruction, or whether it's a whole mouth of veneers, that you get this procedure done in two visits. We have a whole host of patients who come in that are either debilitated or unhappy with the way that their teeth look. Those range from anywhere from a denture patient who's worn their dentures down, and not only do we give them better teeth, more aesthetic-looking teeth, but we also plump up the lips. So we do a little bit of dental plastic surgery at the same time. We have patients who come in who want wonderful-looking restorations because they've had bad-looking teeth their entire life, and they say to themselves, "I'm ready for it now. I want to do it." And that could be somebody who gets a full set of veneers. For me, there are two types of smile makeovers. One is a patient who has really good teeth, but they're in the wrong position. That's the patient where orthodontists might actually do the trick. If we can get those teeth in the right position, they might be very, very happy with it. Compared to the orthodontics, sometimes you can get it resolved in a matter of two visits by doing either crowns or veneers. Those are the two options for somebody who has fundamentally sound teeth but just wants aesthetics done. The second type of patient is a patient who's completely unhappy with the aesthetics of their teeth, not because of the position, but because the color's off, they're chipped, they're broken, they have a bunch of fillings that they're not happy with. Depending on the size of those fillings, and depending on the restorations they have, sometimes we will restore them with veneers, sometimes we'll restore them with crowns. What can you expect after you get your restorations placed, and once we've tried them in, and you're happy with them? You should expect that they're going to hold up for quite some time and that you're going to love them for a while.

Drs. Jin Ha Joung, Mark Samani, and Min-Hee Cho.

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