What Tooth Loss Solutions Are There Beyond Implants? By Jin Ha Joung on June 26, 2020

Acrylic resin full dentures sit on a black, reflective baseThe loss of even a single tooth can make chewing and speaking difficult. Tooth loss can also leave you feeling hesitant to smile. The expert prosthodontists of Ridgewood Dental Associates in Ridgewood, NJ, offer a wide range of tooth loss solutions, including dental implants, that can be customized to meet your personal needs and budget.

While dental implants have become a very popular tooth loss solution, traditional restorations and prosthetics still serve the needs of many of our Bergen County patients. In this blog post, we discuss dental implant alternatives.

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer unparalleled stability for dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. While there are many unique benefits to undergoing dental implant placement, this restorative treatment option requires a considerable investment of time. Due to the need for oral surgery, implants are often one of the more expensive treatment options we offer.

For these and other reasons, some patients opt to have a traditional crown, bridge, or denture placed. Traditional restorations and prosthetics can often be placed in a relatively short period of time, which can allow our patients to enjoy the benefits of a restored smile quickly.

During your consultation at our dental practice, one of our doctors will explain your dental implant alternative options.


If you are missing a single tooth, you can choose between a dental implant and crown or a traditional bridge. Both options offer lifelike aesthetics and restore oral function.

A traditional bridge (also known as a fixed bridge) is held in place by two crowns (one on each side of the gap). Each crown is cemented over an abutment tooth and an artificial tooth fills in the space. A traditional bridge is generally used to replace a single missing tooth or up to three missing teeth in a row.

To receive a fixed bridge, two abutment teeth will need to be prepped. This straightforward process requires that a small layer of natural tooth structure be removed. Prepping creates room for the dental crown to fit snugly over your natural teeth.


Dentures restore your smile following significant or total tooth loss along one or both arches. Partial dentures are used when there are still natural teeth remaining. The prosthetic is typically held in place by metal clasps that grasp onto nearby teeth. Full dentures replace an entire missing arch of teeth and are held in place through suction and with the aid of a bonding agent.

Dentures generally require two visits to our dental practice. During your first visit, an impression of your teeth and gums will be made. Our doctors will handle every step of the denture fabrication process. Once your prosthetic is ready, a second appointment will be scheduled so you can have your new full or partial denture fitted.

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Don’t let one or more missing teeth affect your smile and self-esteem. The longer you go without a tooth loss solution, the more likely you are to suffer from teeth shifting out of place and jaw alignment problems.

The doctors of Ridgewood Dental Associates can customize a treatment plan that may or may not include dental implants. To schedule your next visit, please contact our office online or call (201) 982-7850.

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