Tips to Reduce Invisalign Discomfort By Jin Ha Joung on May 29, 2019

Clear aligner tray sits on a blue tableInvisalign® treatment has become a popular alternative to traditional metal braces. The clear aligners are nearly invisible, and the SmartTrack material used to manufacture Invisalign trays is more comfortable than the metal wires and brackets used with traditional braces.

At Ridgewood Dental Associates, our doctors discuss what patients should expect during treatment. Following the placement of your new aligners, you may experience minor soreness or irritation for a day or two.

Here, we provide patients with tips to reduce Invisalign discomfort. To learn more, contact our Ridgewood, NJ practice.

What Causes Invisalign Discomfort?

There are two potential causes of Invisalign discomfort: tooth pressure and gum irritation.

The Invisalign trays move teeth into alignment through micro-movements. After you place a new tray, you may feel pressure on certain parts of your tooth. This pressure eventually moves your tooth in a predetermined direction. You may experience short periods of soreness during this process.

Some patients may experience friction between the edges of their aligner trays and their cheeks or gums. One of our doctors can adjust your aligner trays to address this problem. Never try to adjust or cut parts of your trays yourself.

Tips for Reducing Unwanted Side Effects

There will be periodic moments of discomfort as you go through the Invisalign treatment process. Following these tips will ensure that you avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

  • Place new aligners before bedtime so you can sleep off the periods of greatest pressure on your teeth.
  • Avoid eating foods that are hard or crunchy, especially if your teeth feel sore.
  • If the edges of your aligner trays are irritating your gums, immediately let one of our doctors know so they can adjust the trays. Alternatively, you can wait about a day for your mouth to get used to the new tray.
  • Ask one of our doctors which over-the-counter remedies may be the most effective at treating discomfort.
  • Work with an experienced dentist, such as any of the skilled doctors at Ridgewood Dental Associates.
  • Clean your trays regularly to remove built-up food particles.
  • Maintain your schedule of regular dental visits.
  • Wear your aligner trays for 20 to 22 hours per day to avoid delays in your cosmetic results.
  • Hold an ice pack near any parts of your mouth that are sore.
  • Report any problems during your follow-up appointments at our clinic.

Finally, be patient. No orthodontic treatment will be entirely free of discomfort. Advances in aligner tray technology result in minimal discomfort, but there is no way to avoid it completely.

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Invisalign trays are a pain-free alternative to traditional metal braces. While the aligner trays are designed for comfort and effectiveness, there can still be period moments of irritation or sensations of pressure.

Our skilled staff will recommend treatments and remedies to address discomfort as needed. If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of a more attractive smile, contact our doctors online or call (201) 652-2474.

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