Signs Your Dentures Need to Be Replaced By Jin Ha Joung on July 31, 2018

A set of full denturesOn average, a set of dentures will last for about 10 years. A lot can happen to your denture in that time. Normal wear and tear, some accidental drops, and maybe a dental injury of some kind can lead to numerous issues for denture wearers. Eventually, the denture will need to be replaced.

The team at our Ridgewood, NJ wants to offer patients some advice on denture repair and replacement. Below are some telltale signs that you need to get a new set of dentures.

Damage to the Denture

If the denture develops chips and cracks, that is never a good sign. Generally any damage to the denture will necessitate some sort of repair. A severe fracture of the denture will usually require total denture replacement.

The Denture Doesn’t Fit Right

Dentures that don’t fit right will at least need some sort of adjustment. You’ll likely notice the denture comes loose more often, even when using a dental adhesive or denture cream.

There are two factors that may be causing poor denture fit:

  • The wear on the denture has led to changes in fit
  • The jawbone and gum tissue have lost density over time

Sores on Your Gums

Sores may develop on your gums as a response to changes in the fit of the denture. This is never a good sign, and you should consider seeing your dentist as soon as any irritation develops.

Pain While Biting and Chewing

Possibly linked to the sores on the gums, your old denture could be causing you pain when you bite and chew. As soon as you notice problems with normal denture use, that’s a sign your dentist needs to fix the issue.

You Develop a Speech Impediment

Loose dentures can slip out of place and making speaking very difficult. If your dentures feel clunky in your mouth and result in a lisp, slurred speech, or some other kind of speech impediment, you’ll need to consider getting your dentures replaced.

The Denture Has Changed Color

Like natural teeth, wear and tear can do a number on the appearance of a denture. Even if you’re cleaning your denture properly, stains and discoloration may occur. If anything, getting a new denture will enhance the appearance of your smile.

What to Expect from Denture Repair and Replacement

The denture repair and replacement process is much like the process of creating a new denture. You will meet with your dentist, who will take an impression of your dental ridge and gums. The new denture will be fashioned based on the previous design, with adjustments as needed to improve the overall comfort and function of your bite.

Do My Dentures Need Work?

The best way to find out if your denture needs replacing is to visit the practice for a consultation. We will be more than happy to discuss any issues you’ve had and help you have a better fitting appliances and a nicer smile.

Contact Ridgewood Dental Associates

For more information about replacing dentures and improving your dental wellness, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic and restorative dentist. We are here to help you smile with renewed confidence and improved health.

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