What Are the Benefits of Tongue Scrapers? By Jin Ha Joung on May 29, 2017

Using a tongue scraperThere are many things that patients can do to improve the health and appearance of their smiles. In fact, when patients visit our Ridgewood general dentistry practice, we often go over good preventative dentistry practices and offer pointers on oral hygiene.

Because of that focus on patient wellness, we want to discuss tongue scraping and tongue scrapers. As you're about to read, this can have many benefits for your dental health.

What Is a Tongue Scraper?

A tongue scraper is an oral hygiene tool that is designed to clean off the tongue. In essence, a tongue scraper is just what it sounds like. The designs of the tongue scraper vary in the same way toothbrushes can vary, but the overall principle is the same.

Are Tongue Scrapers New?

No, not at all.

Tongue scrapers have been used for centuries. In fact, they were a common part of the oral hygiene practices in various parts of India, Africa, South America, Asia, and the Arab world. Tongue scraping would also be practices in Europe starting around the Renaissance, though scraping one's tongue tended to be more common among the affluent and the elite in society.

How Do I Use a Tongue Scraper?

Using a tongue scraper is simple. Start with the tongue scraper at the back of the tongue, and then pull it forward. Repeat the process until the entire surface of the tongue has been fully cleaned.

Ideally, consider using a tongue scraper each time you brush your teeth. Brushing, flossing, tongue scraping, and using mouthwash after every meal can get your mouth especially clean and fresh.

Tongue Scrapers Can Improve Your Breath

One of the key benefits of tongue scraping is fresher breath. Bad breath is often the result of oral bacteria feeding on food particles as well as dead cells remaining in the mouth. Brushing and flossing helps reduce this, and so can the use of mouthwash, but tongue scraping targets this unwanted material on the tongue. By cleaning the tongue, the fresher your breath will become.

Tongue Scrapers Ger Your Mouth Extra Clean

In addition to fighting bad breath, the use of a tongue scraper gets your mouth even cleaner than brushing and flossing alone. This is an important part of fighting tooth decay, gum disease, and many other dental health problems. The cleaner, the better, so scraping might be the way to enhance your overall dental wellness.

Tongue Scrapers Are Comfortable

If you've ever brushed your tongue, you know just how uncomfortable that can be. It's not uncommon for people to gag or salivate excessively in these cases. This is not an issue when using a tongue scraper. Since it's designed to clean the tongue, it's more comfortable than using a toothbrush to get the job done.

Potential Improvement of Your Sense of Taste

Since tongue scrapers get your tongue extra clean, they can potentially improve your sense of taste. This is an important consideration for people who love fine dinging, wine, cocktails, and craft beer. Your may be able to enhance your enjoyment of your favorite meals and beverages.

Learn More About Tongue Scraping

To learn more about the many different ways that you can improve the health of your smile, be sure to contact our advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. We can discuss oral hygiene options and preventative care in greater detail during your visit.

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